Case Submission

Condition of Case Submission

Cases sent only by entering the system on online system. Cases which are sent independently via e-mail or post on system will not be admitted.

Last case submission date is February 3, 2020. Case submission system will be closed on this date. Users who will use the online case module for the first time should register to system via link.

Abstract of Case General Rules

  • Space on the system which is separated for writing of case is restricted with 3000 characters except writer name and title. System will not allow to be written to this area more than 3000 characters.
  • There is no way to use different type font which is used on case submission because of the fact that type font is standardized for all cases by system.
  • Cases will be set respectively as introduction, case presentation and discussion.
  • Titles will have the characteristics of explainer of contents. All words must be written with upper letter on case abstract except the letter has special meaning such as pH or NaCI. Abbreviation must be explained in the parenthesis on where is used first time except chemical symbol and international units.
  • Because the abstracts which are sent over the Internet will be printed exactly, attention should be paid to typographical errors.


The submitted case summaries will be evaluated through the online system and the e-mail containing the results of the case evaluation will be sent to the address defined in the system as from February 20, 2020. All evaluation process related to the cases will be able to follow through the system with the user's e-mail and password.

The accepted cases will be published in the Journal of TKD (Turkish Society of Cardiology) Archive.


Accepted poster abstracts should be prepared as "hanging posters" on the case system.

Print Poster Preparation Rules

  1. The maximum size of the poster should be 70 cm X 90 cm and it can be readable at least 2 m away. The following rules must be taken into account when preparing the poster.
  2. The posters should be prepared according to the full text writing guide as an MS Word document.
  3. All text in the poster should be selected Arial characters; the title, author names and contact addresses should be written at least 26-40, and 16-18 type size for other sections.
  4. The poster should be consisted of abstract, introduction, method, findings, results and discussion sections, and keywords and resources should be indicated just like the case full text. Visually enhancing shapes and photographs can be colourful.
  5. Poster owners will print the poster themselves.
  6. The posters will be hung on the numbered panels to be determined by the organization committee.
  7. The poster committee will assist the owners on the organizing of the poster.
  8. Poster owners will be readiness of their posters on the dates and times specified in the program and will give information about their work.
  9. Poster owners will remove their posters at the end of the given time. The responsibility of posters not removed in time belongs to the owners.

For technical support or inquiries, please contact with Look Us Informatics via (+90 216 372 66 44) or email us at  [email protected].