Dear Colleagues,

As Turkish Society of Cardiology Arrhythmia Working Group, it will be a pleasure for us to organize Arrhythmia Meeting with International Participation with your support and participation between 18-20 December 2020.

We have planned our meeting this year, taking into account your demands and feedback on our previous meetings. In our meeting, we are organizing the program with the most up-to-date scientific data in the field of arrhythmia, especially the problems and innovations in the field of arrhythmia that our colleagues face in their daily practices. New sessions will be held this year, where we will also benefit from technology that enables a free discussion environment. We have also planned courses this year for our colleagues and assistants who are just starting to apply electrophysiological study and ablation treatments or who want to improve themselves. Case based meetings will also be held this year, in which our friends who are interested in arrhythmia and who are not arrhythmia specialists will help solve the problems they face in daily life and get up-to-date information.

We would like to provide information sharing and review our information on the arrhythmia field. We are aiming an educational- informative meeting on a warm atmosphere.

Looking forward to welcoming you all in Arrhythmia Meeting with International Participation.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Erol
Turkish Society of Cardiology
Prof. Dr. İlyas ATAR
Turkish Society of Cardiology
President of Arrhythmia Working Group